Hi Colleagues
This is a project for you!
This set of graphics you can use for your business.
Easy customisable graph . All the elements are controlled by expressions.
Radiogram 1-8.
Animated elements: Hour, Map pointer, Globe map, Man & woman, Animated map, Flag.
Arrows 1-7.
Animate tab, Put your footage. Use your photos and video footage.
Decorative elements 1-4.
Font style. You can rotate the text, change the size, color. Change the font.

You can easily change the color, and set up radiograms. Use Animated decorative elements and font style for your projects.

Select Background: In the “Background”. Turn on and off layers.
You can change text. Font I used: Arial, Clarendon Lt BT, Clarendon Blk BT, Bodoni Bd BT.
No plug-ins are used in this project.
Music is not included in the project.

Flag Counter

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