Introducing Jade CMS for PHP – a flat file PHP CMS or blogging engine


Why build (yet) another PHP content management platform? Surely there is enough already?! True, there is a lot of PHP based content management systems/platforms/frameworks (whatever word you like to use) – and most of them are great. However, for most simple web sites, these systems are just over-kill. When you need to create a simple webste fast, and don’t need a lot of moving parts, that’s where Jade CMS for PHP steps in.


Jade CMS for PHP uses user-created folder structures and files, along with the Markdown syntax, to create a very simple, very fast, PHP-based web site. You can create web sites or blogs using Jade CMS for PHP. You can even integrate other systems, such as third-party analytics software, or comment systems (see the provided blog demo). In addition to ease of integrating third party services, you can also add your own unique functionality using themes.


Now. Put your clients in control of their website and let them make their own content changes. This will not only enable them to feel involved in their web presence, it will help free up some of your time to build truly awesome products.

7/12/2013 - Jade CMS for PHP 1.1.0 has been submitted for approval. If you purchase this item before the update is approved, and get an exception error, email and we will send you required update.

* Note: This is a minor update.

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