With this IP to location script you can know easily where are located your visitors.
Simply call the script to get an array containing (by default) City + Region + Country + Country code + Latitude + Longitude of any IP address.
Of course you can customize API call request to get another infos, depending of which API provider your are using.
This tools is easy to customize and understand, so you can simply integrate to your existing application or even start a standalone webservice.
Of course is fully functionnal by default! Just – plug it – and – play with – in your page!


  • Easily locate IP adresses around the world
  • No need for GeoIP components on your server
  • No need to pay for IP geolocation database
  • Use any (and how much) IP location API provider you want
  • 4 free providers included whose 2 without any limitation
  • If an IP2location provider imposes limitations juste set it for the script take it in account
  • Fully documented

Example: If you are using 1 free provider with 3000 requests per hour allowed + Another one free provider which allow 10000 requests per day
=> Finally you get 82000 requests allowed per day or around 3400 per hour – for free – and it’s entirely transparent to you : the script automatically choose which one/when/how location provider calling.

In fact the script handle multiple API into one simple interface!

Full support provided to all buyers and I can even make you specifical integration/tweaking/plugin on demand.
Just ask something and I’ll do it for you!

No need for database or supplementary server extension.

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