About I think everyone knows or visits 9GAG or DamnLol. This script will help you to build a website like these.

More details Upload the most funny images at your website and let your visitors to share it with their friends. So you’ll gather more and more visitors day by day.

Don’t forget This kind of websites are most wanted in social networks. So with few images in few days you can gather thousands visitors


  • Auto Post on Facebook Wall (On/Off)
  • Upload how many images you want wihout form. Just upload it into a folder and run a php file into your browser
  • Share buttons (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  • One config file
  • Load new image with jQuery to animate the transition (desktop version)
  • Connect (to share) / Comment with Facebook
  • Hotkeys for: Next/Previous Image, Scroll Up/Down, Show/Post Comments, Small Admin Panel, Facebook Connection
  • Small admin panel to edit the title or delete entire page
  • NO DataBase required
  • Session archive : show last X images
  • Views counter
  • 2 well placed ads
  • Flexible Design with modern style
  • Clean code and easy installation
  • Mobile Version
  • Bonus: more than 40 images to test the script.


  • 7/18/2013 Initial Release
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