NetBeuz Dynamic Horizontal Chart

-You can create any size, any color, any much of charts charts dynamically and easily.

-NO require knowledge in JavaScript .
-NO css file included.
-NO images.
-Easy Usage.
-Automatic Y axsiss. It creates itself according to max item value.
-You can set link with items.
-You can set nameHolder area’s width percent.
-You can change colors, styles, size of charts. In netbeuz.js file.
-You can call chart items via any program language. It’s repeatable.(,php,etc..) It designed especially for this.
-Compability for all browsers. (expect border-radius in IE7 /IE8)


Step 1:
All to do is create a html code like below. span>color property is bar’s color. and span>value property is bar’s value.

  • C#
  • Php
  • Java
  • Python
  • Android

Step 2:
Just one code is enough to run.
myChart(width,height); >
$(“div#myChart”).myChart(1000, 400);

// you can change options in netbeuz.js file 
var wrapperTopPad = 30;
    var wrapperRightPad = 50;
    var wrapperBottomPad = 50;
    var wrapperLeftPad = 30;
var chartGridColor = "#F7DCDC";
var wrapperBackColor = "#fff";
var wrapperBorder = "1px solid #F7DCDC";

Thats all.

-This item require Jquery library.

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