Easy Currency Converter is very easy to install and use, is fully responsive and features support for 182 currencies. All currency values are updated live and in real-time.

With Easy Currency Converter, adding a currency converter to your website is as easy as adding the [easycc] shortcode where you want it to appear, or simply dragging and dropping the included widget to the required widget area!

On the settings page, you can set the default currency you’d like to convert to and from when the currency converter is first loaded, and the default amount shown. You can also choose to disallow any currency codes that you don’t want to use on your site.

Easy Currency Converter features the following functionality:

  • Fully responsive
  • 182 currencies supported
  • Currency values are updated LIVE
  • Easily added anywhere on your website using the custom [easycc] shortcode or the included widget
  • Disallow any unwanted currencies

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