A cropper for when you need images to be a specific size. It works using a predetermined aspect ratio. The UI differs from other croppers, here you may drag the image into position and even resize it.

Touchescreen Compatible!

  • Works in all the major browsers, including IE8+ and mobile.
  • Minimal code. Doesn’t require jQuery UI.
  • The UI differs drastically from traditional image croppers.
  • Idiot-proof. I’ve added precautions to insure the computer illiterate don’t break it. For example, if the image proporations do not scale to the predetermined aspect ratio, then the image will automatically zoom in until it does scale.
  • Aspect ratio is easily changable through CSS. You haven’t got to touch any JavaScript.
  • Crop coordinates are sent to a .php file, where the image is cropped using imagemagick.
  • Custom styles. The code is barebones, it’s very easy to style.

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