Main Features
After Effects CS5.5 or higher
Size 1080p
25 fps
0:40 seconds long
Up to 15 image / video placeholders
Text placeholders for each image
Fast render times
No plugins required
No Pre Renders
User Guide

A great clean style template. Easily showcase your photo’s or videos through this awesome after effects template.
This template is ideal for all occasions: family photos and events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and engagements.

Simply drop your own pictures in the placeholders, render the video and you have a beautiful presentation!

Free fonts used in the project can be downloaded here:

Audio is not included – you can purchase it here:
Midnight In Tokyo by BlueFoxMusic:

Photo’s is not included – you can purchase it here:

Photo 1: Family by Pressmaster:

Photo 2: Family having fun in countryside by monkeybusiness:

Photo 3: happy family by Skripko :

Photo 4: small kids by Skripko :

Photo 5: Collage of parents with little girl at home by Phovoir :

Photo 6: —–ÛÛ͇„‰ and fun family faces by valuavitaly:

Photo 7: Family Sitting In Garden Together by monkeybusiness:

Photo 8: Family smiling by andresrphotos:

Graphics Character is not included – you can purchase it here:

Stylish male character set by Bloomua:
Stylish Female Character Set by Bloomua:

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