• This beautiful template was designed to give your presentation clarity and polish.
  • The dark background is especially good for large event settings, but it can be used in your day to day presentations as well.
  • The colors selected are bright for easy on screen reading.
  • The animations selected and timed for optimal web sharing.
  • The background is static, and the master layouts have versions of both pattern and dark gray.
  • The “pinstripe” layers of design elements on the slides are all using PowerPoint patterns, so you can adjust the coloring as you wish, or create new ones.


  • 16:9 and 4:3 versions included.
  • 39 slides of sample content.
  • Lots of animations in the sample files!
  • Created in PowerPoint 2013, so this will not have the usual compatibility issues of using an older template in 2013. Designed to work in 2007 and 2010, as well.
  • Starting theme is only 218KB. The blank template will not contribute to massive PowerPoint sizes.
  • Fonts, layouts, and color palette selected for maximum legibility.
  • The help file includes instructions on how to copy or rebuild the sample animations.
  • Placeholder content is full of best practices.
  • Charts are real charts, not just the defaults, with a couple best practices for chart design in the notes.
  • Everything except the background was created in PowerPoint—no special design software needed to use this template.
  • The background file has been included, in case you want to adjust the shade or color.
  • Only system fonts used—no need to buy or install new fonts. Your presentation will always show how you intended on different computers and devices.

What’s in the zip?

  • One 16:9 PPTX with sample slides
  • One 4:3 PPTX with sample slides (same content as 16:9)
  • One blank theme. Click it to open a blank PowerPoint of this template.
  • Help file.

Other Stuff:

  • Century Gothic is the only font used. Some traces of Arial may be found in the charts, but they are not in the PPTX slides.
  • All images are for placement only. Alt Text on each image contains attribution, and all are available for RF commercial use from the locations specified.
  • For support or general PowerPoint questions, email me at
  • My PowerPoint Templates will always be sold on, so keep checking back to see what else I come up with. I’m open to requests, as well.

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