What is in the file?

Here is a Fantasy RPG animated character for your favorite game. He is a fighter with sword, shield and full plate armor. He has different part: head (eyes, mouth, eyebrows, ears, hairs, scars, etc), body, belt, arms, hands, foots and legs. Easy to customize and modify!

There are SIX different animations: idle, walk, attack, hit, run and die.

Every animation has 150×150 pixels resolution, it was made for better using pack in sprite sheets and texture atlases for different 2d engines, like cocos2d, marmelad, etc (of course, with unity _)

If you want me to change/modify/add something in your purchased file special for your ideas (may be new armor, female face and body, emotions, etc, or new animations(!!!)) – I ready for commissions and freelance. Mailme “for.murlyka@gmail.com”

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