This is a space gravity game, the aim is to make it to the last fuel pad collecting as many coins as possible before you run out of fuel. Easy to use you can set up levels in a matter of minutes with out touching a line of code. All the code is well commented so non programmers can understand the scripts also.

Provided with the files is help documentation and tutorial videos on how to set-up an entire game from scratch, its so easy.

It comes with a pre built menu screen and 4 levels for you to try out. Fully loaded with sound effects such as explosions, thrusters, coin pick ups and even level complete and game over sounds. I also provide 2 soundtracks for the game, one is for the menu screen and the other is the soundtrack for the game play.

5 different variations of asteroids with 6 different mesh shapes that can be rotated, scaled and combined for an infinite amount of possibility’s when designing your own levels.

Asteroids can be rotated, orbited around other objects, moved vertically, horizontally or both with a simple to use script which is fully explained in the video tutorials.

Try out the demo preview above it will test your nerve.

You can contact me through or you can contact me at

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