Some words about the project

Hi guys! This project is the first of the series where I combine timelapse footages and CG effects. I hope you’ll enjoy it and please don’t forget to rate!


  • AE CS5 and above
  • resolution – FullHD(19201080) framerate – 25 fps
  • duration – 20 secs
  • no plugin needed (but file with plugin version – lens flares (sun amd flares) – included)
  • normal rendrendering time(15mins on i7 core quad)
  • videotutorial – 12 minutes (english version)
  • 1 text holders and 1 logo holder

    Sound fx and music

  • Sound FX (not included) and Soundtrack “After the Storm” (not included) are especially made by MAT STEINER and you can find it HERE


  • contact me 24/7 via my profile page if you have questions about the project

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