DHTML News Ticker & DHTML NewsScroller are tow professional highly configurable javascript news ticker and content slider Components.

DHTML News Ticker:
- Provides an easy method for delivering news and other information.
- Allows some HTML tags for news items.
- Runs multiple html news ticker on one web page .
- Adjustable effect speed and pause delay between items.
- Easy building, testing and installation.
- It supports 7 transition effects.
- Supports images.
- Full customizable font characteristics.
- Requires no Javascript knowledge to create html ticker, javascript marquee, and text fader.

DHTML Text Scroller:
DHTML Text Scroller is a .Net Component that allows you to design your text scroller in a few minutes and instantly see the results.
DHTML Text Scroller is a highly configurable vertical text scroller and vertical news ticker.
Creating the text scroller will take a few minutes using the DHTML Text Scroller Component.
This text scroller features smooth scrolling, URL links, configurable background color, and basic html tags.
This is a cross-browser text scroller.
You can easily configure the text scroller simply by changing the customizing colors, text, and dimensions by using DHTML Text Scroller Component Property.

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