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Marine – a multipurpose theme that combines minimal and perfect grid design with functionality and usability.

1. The PSD files were made in Adobe Photoshop CC, and should run in any other Photoshop version.
2. There are 12 PSD files included in total, all of which are fully layered and customizable.

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Contains 12 PSD files:

  1. Main (01_main.psd)
  2. About Us (02_about_us.psd)
  3. Team_Member (03_team_member.psd)
  4. Blog_Grid (04_blog_grid.psd)
  5. Blog (05_blog.psd)
  6. Blog_Singlepost (06_blog_singlepost.psd)
  7. Portfolio_Full_Width (07_portfolio_full_width.psd)
  8. Portfolio_Basic (08_portfolio_basic.psd)
  9. Portfolio_Item_Extended (09_portfolio_item_extended.psd)
  10. Portfolio_Item_Basic (10_portfolio_item_basic.psd)
  11. Contacts (11_contacts.psd)
  12. Sliders (12_sliders.psd)

Technical details:

  • 12 columns grid based design (
  • Layered .psd for each page included, well organized, easy to customize and ready to slice
  • All interactive elements (buttons, menus, text fields) are grouped in a layered .psd, which makes it easy to found and slice
  • Layout width: 1170px

Fonts used in template

  • Fonts (google web fonts)
  • Online Support

    • If you have any questions or need customization, please contact me via e-mail or through my profile page.




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