Magical Christmas Puzzle Card features a truly unique interactive Christmas card experience. Not only is it fun to use, it also contains beautiful animations and physics. All content is XML based and can be changed with great ease. For the card an image as well as a Flash movie can be used. For the greeting card that appears from behind the puzzle card, standard content can be changed in the XML file, or alternatively an image or Flash movie can be used.

What can be changed?

Making simple changes in the XML file allows you to completely insert your own content for the puzzle as well as the greeting. When clicking on the banner below, you will also see a button in the bottom-left corner of the website that auto-completes the puzzle, if you think it takes too much time to do it manually.


Ready to upload folders
There are 2 folders in the download package. The first folder showcases the demo that you can see here on ActiveDen. The second folder contains an alternative version with a photo for the puzzle and an image for the greeting card. Just replace files with your own files and create your personalised card in a matter of minutes. Upload the files from the folder to your server and presto!

20+ XML settings
With over 20 XML settings, you can create completely different versions of the card while just making changes to the XML config file. Set the background image, puzzle image, greeting card content, background music and colors. All in a single XML file.

Dynamic background music
In the XML file you can define whether to use background music and if it plays by default or not. Also the volume of the music while making the puzzle and when finishing the puzzle can be set, adding to the experience of it all.

Redirect URL for non-Flash devices
In a world where many users are on a non-Flash device, there is a automatic redirect possibility in the HTML file that comes with the package. Redirect the user to your non-Flash website or provide a message to view the card on a regular desktop.


Background music is Magical Christmas Night by pinkzebra

Other work by Webmarbles

Did you know that Webmarbles collaborates with plusquare to create WordPress themes nowadays? Have a look here:


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