Introducing Point of view – Sunglass Display Kit

Point of view is a customizable project with Full HD Pre-rendered sunglasses in 3D Space.
It’s built in a modular way. Only the Sunglasses and the Camera movement are set
Additional elements, explosions, etc can be easily added / removed in 2.5D Space.

The vertical sunglasses stand and the “pan” shot can be seamlessly looped.

It comes with a “master edit” version that is set up for 11 video & 30 text placeholders.
All the rest of the elements are within Compositions inside of After Effects (splats, lakes, trees etc)
All the color parameters are linked with expressions for easier color modifications.
Sound by DirtyFlint

Fonts used are
Open Sans and Lily Script both are free and by Google Web fonts
Model is Ray ban wayfarer from hellen:

Photos / Footage used in the preview:


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