“Feelin’ Good” is a fun, lighthearted track that simply makes you “feel good”. This track is made up of a simple indie rock styling with clean electric guitars, claps, vintage acoustic drums, and bass. This track will give your project a cheerful, “feel good” feeling with a slight vintage/old-school vibe.

Your Purchase includes:

-Full Length Track – 3:11

-WAV and MP3 files of the track

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Also, I would love to hear about the project this track was used in. Feel free to send me an email at jamesongerdon@gmail.com

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Thanks for checking out my music! There is no doubt that music will add a polishing touch to your projects. It will make your projects stand out and get the attention they deserve… resulting in more sales.

Feel free to use my music in your projects. Please reference my name and song title in the project’s music credits. Please also make sure that you include a link to my music in your description. (make sure the link displays my name) Also, please send me an e-mail so I can include a link to your project on my page.
Thanks for your interest. I look forward to working together!

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