A high intensity orchestral piece featuring an epic cinematic Hollywood Blockbuster feel. This track builds up in anticipation with a marching army melody that is dramatic and tense. Imagine soldiers marching to the front lines of battle to save the world or an intense action packed car chase. It rises to a crescendo with driving percussion, strings, flutes and brass before dropping into a heavy fast paced chaotic mixture of heavy metal and industrial hybrid sounds.

Sure to get the adrenaline pumping, this aggressive track is perfect for fight scenes, intense cinematic battle music, RPG Battle music, Dramatic Hollywood Trailer Music, Action Movie Sequence Music, Extreme Sports Videos, Video Game Background music, TV Commercials, Network branding, Wrestling and Fight Music, Technology presentations, Projects to do with Armies, War, Monsters and beasts, fantasy and science fiction films and any project needing thundering hectic dark background music.

Videohive authors feel free to use this track in any of your videos.
For any questions – feel free to e-mail me.

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