gzit is a single file solution that combining, minifying and gzipping JavaScript and CSS files, it minify the css/js files in one line, remove the comments, spaces and line feeds. it protect the html/css/js in some way, it combines the css/js files to one file and use gzip to compress and cache the contents.


  • Single PHP file, easy installation
  • No code needed
  • No changes in the existing files
  • No scripts to run on any change in CSS/js or html file
  • Minify css, js and html
  • Speed up page loads
  • Data can be cached on the disk to reduce server load
  • Hide the css js source path, protect your css and js files
  • Gzip-compressed if client supports this
  • HTTP headers for agressive caching on client are added to the response
  • ETags are supported
  • Support oversite js/css
  • Support inline js on page
  • Support all major browsers even IE6,7,8
  • Alert error messages for the quick debug

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