This Plugin allows to have independent credentials to site. Also, this plugin can restore deleted admin profile. This plugin will be useful for developers, website owners and website managers.


The guarantee of a quick recovery of access to the admin panel in case of some malfunction and/or any unauthorized access to the administrator account.

Saving of time spent on searching of missed access details to the administrator account or on getting the access details that were not provided.

A quick access to the admin panel provided for the developers, website managers for the operational changes, website managing and support.


For a website developer “WP Reserve Access” plugin – is a very convenient tool for getting the access rights to the admin panel of your client’s website very quickly. By means of this plugin the support of the website under development, the introduction of amendments and making changes via admin panel will be faster and more convenient (for a developer as well as for a customer). The plugin may also save time of a customer and a developer, which are in long-term relationship in case when the access details of the website admin panel may get lost in a large volume of data exchange.

For a website owner the integrated “WP Reserve Access” plugin – is a guarantee of a quick recovery of the access rights to the admin panel of the website. Website administrator account and access rights may very often get broken because of malfunction or this account removal (i.e. login and password), harmful influence of poor quality plugins or an unauthorized access to the website control panel. “WP Reserve Access” plugin makes it possible to solve well-spread problem with a loss of login-password information as well. After the input of generated login and password the following plugin will create a new administrator account for the website, or will enter the admin panel under current administrator account. And don’t wait while your site will hacked – just install this plugin and you can easily restore admin profile if all administrators has been deleted. Just login with reserved credentials – admin profile will created automatically.

For the project managers, who are working in the field of IT, “WP Reserve Access” plugin – is a rational technique for a quick gaining access to the admin panel of the website under development and taking the customer’s point. In this case by means of this plugin a project manager will quickly get the necessary access rights to the admin panel of the website under development, and will immediately, along with the customer, solve the issues of the website operation. Herewith, the project manager won’t waste any minute on searching and gaining the access rights to the customer website admin panel, won’t distract the team of developers of this website or a customer.

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