sorry lost demo, it’s on review you can see it at Dasky Demo


Dasky is a jQuery timeline slider,you can use it to show you products’s chagelog/loadmark, or loadmark of you team/life. And others what you want. It based on the power of css transforms and will fallback in old browsers who do not support it.


  • Fluid layout
  • Fullscreen or not
  • Auto play
  • Mousewheel control
  • Keybords control
  • Major browsers compatible and fallback to old browsers
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Documented


  • autoplay : Is Dasky autoplay when init .    
  • interval : The interval of autoplay.      
  • nav  :  Does it have controls(pre/next/play).      
  • mousewheel : Does mousewheel can control the slider for pre/next.      
  • keyboard:  Does keyboard can control the slider for pre/next.      
  • fullscreen: Does Dasky is in fullscreen mode.

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