Welcome to or second installment of or Photographs + Memories series, TABLETOP.

Here’ s a fun and customizable template for your photo/video memorabilia.

It features 27 photo/video placeholder, 28 customizable text placeholder and a number of doodles

uses custom expressions and presets so that you may easily customize your project.

Main features:
• No 3rd party plugins
• Original content
• 27 customizable photo/video placeholder
• 28 customizable text placeholder
• a number of doodles that can be easily change color by one master color control to match your color palette
• Uses custom expressions where you can turn on and off overall ambient light effects and adjust fonts
• Full HD (1920×1080) Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
• Duration: 1 minute and 06 seconds
• Includes video tutorial
• Includes Adobe CS3 project file that is compatible with newer versions

* Sound not included.
Featuring the music track “Color” by pinkzebra:
Check out the rest of his excellent audio beds for your videos.

* Font – Bebas

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