The feature of this components

1. You can change the back ground color in the XML.
2. You can add back ground image. Also you can change the alpha of the back ground image.
3. You can change the icon color dynamically.
4. You can change the track color dynamically.
5. It support song list. Unlimited songs support.
6. All data is stored in XML file.
7. Song Title display.
8. LRC lyric support.
9. Standard-Playback controls: Prev/Next/Play/Pause/Mute/Unmute(multiple button states).

10. Volume controls
11. Play Type support, All, Single and Random.
12. Click to play form any position in the song list.
13. Metro style.
14. Carefully treat on memory recycle and performance.
15.Easy to customize graphics inside the .fla
16. Easy to use and custom in your site.

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