Skip the default Photoshop Mosaic filter and pixelate beautifully with this huge set of 100+ actions. These actions let you create stunning pixel patterns in 14 different styles. There are even 3 border styles of varying strengths and 10 photo styles that you can combine to create hundreds of variations.


  • Snapshot Prerendering
    Play one action and all the effects will be generated for you! Using Photoshop’s snapshots feature, you can switch between the effects instantly without running another action.
  • Professional Results
    All the effects are created using nondestructive techniques. The actions do not flatten your image or touch your original layers. They also work with low-res or high-res photos with six pixelation sizes from 4px to 128px!
  • Easy to Use
    Simply play the first three actions in chronological order and you’re done. These actions guide you towards creating your effect and saves you a lot of time.

Photoshop Actions

  • 1. Render All Effects
  • 2. Render All Edge Effects
  • 3. Render All Color Effects

Pixel Effects:

  • Square Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Rounded Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Round Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Wide Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Wide Rounded Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Wide Round Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Tall Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Tall Rounded Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Tall Round Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Diamond Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Triangle Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Triangle Pixels Alt (4px-128px)
  • Wide Triangle Pixels (4px-128px)
  • Tall Triangle Pixels (4px-128px)

Edge Effects:

  • Edge Contrast (4-512px)
  • Edge Outline (1-8px)
  • Solid Outline (1-32px)

Color Effects:

  • Color Boost
  • Retro Colors
  • Amaro
  • Brannan
  • Nashville
  • Vesper
  • Lemonpeel
  • Fridge

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