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Welcome to SEO Studio 2, a completely rebuilt studio for those who need support with Search Engine Optimization. We’ve taken our old studio’s idea and rebuilt it from the ground up, over 500% more powerful.

With over 20 new tools, and all of our previous tools rebuilt, SEO Studio 2 is now one of the most powerful SEO tool apps you’ll find on the net. And best of all, check out the list below to see what we’ve added!

The old SEO Studio can be found at

How can SEO Studio help me?

The number one mistake that leads websites down the drains of search engines is bad setup. SEO Studio helps ensure that you have the necessary setup to keep out of those nasty drains.

What has been added?

  • Responsive Design
  • Administration Panel
  • Translation System – Yes, multilingual support!
  • Advertising Slots
  • Integrated ReCAPTCHA
  • Meta tag integration
  • 20 new and useful tools
  • Partial content management system
  • Customizable website color scheme (6 colors)
  • The most detailed documentation evar. See here for proof!
  • Simple update system
  • Fully configurable (No PHP knowledge needed!)
  • Admin panel with language editor
  • Full and detailed system maintenance check
  • Alert system to keep you informed with bugs, issues, and updates
  • Ability to be emailed when updates are available [from the admin panel!]
  • Add some AdSense or other ad codes and start making money!
  • Extremely clean and organized design
  • Advanced ReCAPTCHA system to prevent bots and automated processes
  • Text boxes now remember past input.
  • Runs without a database application (like MySQL)! We use a home-made database class.
  • … and a ton more!

List of Tools

  1. Backlink Checker
  2. Backlink Compare
  3. Backlink Prediction
  4. Competition Checker
  5. PageRank Check
  6. PageRank Compare
  7. PageRank Prediction
  8. EDU Backlink Search
  9. GOV Backlink Search
  10. Keyword Generator
  11. Keyword Cleaner
  12. Meta Tag Extractor
  13. Meta Tag Generator
  14. Robots.txt Builder
  15. Sitemap Generator
  16. Browser Details
  17. Mobile Checker
  18. Header Checker
  19. Email Obfuscator
  20. Link Analysis
  21. Source Code Viewer
  22. Webpage Size Checker
  23. IP Checker
  24. SEO Report Generator [ SEO Snake – Not Included ]
  25. Robot Preview
  26. Website Speed Test
  27. What’s My IP?
  28. Whois Lookup
  29. Indexed Pages Lookup
  30. Blog Mentions Lookup
  31. Blacklist Lookup


Below are short snippets of the changelog for each version. I’m working on getting a part of my website up to where you can see the full list.

Version 2.4.83 (July 7, 2013)

  • Initial CodeCanyon release.
  • Admin panel completed.
  • Translation system completed.
  • Ad banners improved.
  • Improved Communications class.
  • Added security to prevent databases from being seen.
  • … and 56 more logged items.

Version 2.0.5 (June 16, 2013)

  • Added configurable items to home page
  • Added a scrolling categories list to tools page
  • (6/30 tools completed)
  • Added ad banners to multiple pages
  • … and 7 more logged items.

Version 2.0.0 (June 2, 2013)

  • Created home page
  • Created tools page
  • Completed simple design for forms
  • Added a CSS Arrow to the result pages
  • … and 12 more logged items.

Online Documentation

The documentation for this is amazing, in my opinion. It’ll only get better as updates roll out, too. Here’s the documentation for Version 2.4.83.

Find it on our website @

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